Lord Brahma
Brahmaji has a beard in this  picture

Lord Brahma is one of the three primary administrative demigods. They are Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Being instructed by Lord Vishnu he oversees the creation and all diversity throughout the universe. In our universe he has four heads, one in each direction. Brahma has heads in proportion to the size of the universe he occupies. Because there are unlimited universes throughout the creation that means there are unlimited Brahmas as well. In most cases he is a Jeeva soul. The scripture's say; when there are no qualified Jeevas to do the job, Lord Vishnu will do it.

By dint of Brahma's self searching consciousness he realized the Supreme Being,  his eternal abode and his eternal service. He then recited what was witnessed for all souls to hear.  Brahma Samhita