Sweet Treats
An offering to Sri Krsna is not complete unless a sweet dish is prepared. Sri Krsna and all his associates enjoy sweets tremendously.  A large variety of sweets are prepared by the devotees not only on special occasions like holy days but also to treat their guests. Most popular among the sweets are the different types of Ladus, halvahs and gulab-jamins. Sri Krsna is sometimes referred to as Ladu Krsna.
 I have included only the most popular sweets because the variety of sweets offered to Lord and his associates are unlimited. In the scriptures there is mention of certain types of sweets like sweet rice, halvah, laddu, burfi, sandesh, ras malai etc. During the month of Kartik the residents of Brajbhoomi  prepare sweet rice and after it has cooled place it on a shelf in the moonlight so during ras lila it can be enjoyed by Sri Sri Radii Krsna. Sweets play a very important role in the seva of the Lord. Prepare and offer with love and devotion and experience the bliss of Bhakti Ras.

Sweet Rice    Carrot Halvah   Besan Laddu ( gram flour )  Coconut Laddu  Carrot Burfi   Coconut Burfi
Plain Burfi  Date Burfi   Sandesh  Ras Malai   Gulab Jamin  Jalebi   Khir khand  Malpura  Thick Sandesh  Cashew Burfi


Date Burfi

Condensed milk         400 gms, sweetened
Dates                        500 gms, deseeded & chopped
Ghee                         2 tablespoons
Water                        ½ cup
Maida                       2 tablespoons
Silver leaf                  2

In a pan heat the ghee, add the maida and fry for a minute.
Add the water mixing well and allow it to boil.
Add the dates, condensed milk and cook well, till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.
Remove from fire and cool and cut into squares.
Serve garnished with silver foils.


Carrot Halvah

Carrots                                     ½ kg, grated
Condensed milk                         1 tablespoon
Sugar                                        1 cup
Khoya                                       1 cup
Cashews                                    1 tablespoon
Currants                                    1 tablespoon

Take the carrot along with half the amount of sugar and cook covered on med-low flame for 14 minutes.
Add the condensed milk, khoya, and the rest of the sugar and cook uncovered for 8 minutes.
Garnish with the cashews and currants and serve.

Coconut Ladus

Condensed milk          400 gms, sweetened
Grated coconut              4 cups

Take some 50 Gms of the grated coconut and keep aside.
Add the remaining coconut to the condensed milk and cook on slow fire.
Gently mix till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.
Cool and roll into small laddoos with greased palms.
Roll the laddoos in the coconut powder set aside and serve.
This makes around 20 medium sized laddoos.


Carrot Burfi

Condensed milk      200 gms, sweetened
Carrot                    ½ kg, grated
Ghee                     1/3 cup
Corn flour              2 tablespoons
Water                    ½ cup
Cashews                garnish as much as you like

Cook the carrots in ½ cup of water till tender.
Add the condensed milk, ghee and corn flour.
Cook this mixture till it leaves the sides of the pan.
Remove form fire and spread over a greased pan.
Cool and cut it into squares and garnish with the cashews.

Sweet Rice

2 cup  Water
1 cup  Rice
5 cup  milk
1 1/4 cup  Sugar
1/2 ts To 1 ts ground cardamom picnc of Salt

Bring the water to a boil in a medium saucepan.  Add the rice, cover,
reduce heat to low and simmer until the liquid is absorbed, about 18
Add the milk, sugar, cardamom and salt. Simmer, uncovered and
stirring frequently, over medium heat until thickened, about 20
minutes. Remove from heat and stir.. Pour the pudding into a large bowl and chill.


Besan Laddu

Gram flour(Besan) 2 cups
Powdered Sugar 1 1/2 cups
Ghee 1 cup
Cashew nuts and raisins

Heat the pan in a low flame and add ghee to it. When it becomes slightly hot, add cashewnuts and gram flour  and fry continuously. Keep on frying till the good aroma comes and it starts turning brown. Turn off the heat. Add raisins and powdered sugar, mix well. While it is hot make small balls in hand and allow it to cool.

Ras Malai

10 oz soft cheese
2 cups sugar
5 cups milk
4 tbs of thick cream
3-4 drops of almond spice
2 tsp of ground almonds
t tsp ground pistachio nuts

Preparing Ras: Heat  the milk and bring it to boil when it has reduced by 1/3  add sugar and cream. Keep stirring till milk becomes thick. At the end add almond spice and ground almonds and the ground pistachio nuts.

Cheese balls:
If you don't have ricotta cheese: Heat the milk and bring to boil. Cool the milk for a couple of hours. Remove the cream layer. Reheat the milk and bring to a boil. Add the citric acid dissolved in some water. Stir slowly till the milk curdles completely. Keep as it is for 5 minutes.

Strain milk through the muslin cloth and wash the chenna(curd/paneer) under the running water. Press out the excess water, add sugar and  gently knead into a soft dough using fingers (don't knead like chapathi dough). Then make small balls or any desired shape.

Add about one cup of sugar and 3 cups of water in a pressure cooker. Bring it to boil. Place the prepared balls inside the sugar water. Cover the lid and turn heat high. Whistle once. When pressure cooker depressurizes, remove paneer balls.

Meanwhile prepare the ras as mentioned above. Add the cooked balls to it. Chill at least 3-4 hrs


Gulab Jamin in saffron syrup

  l cup powdered milk
 2 tablespoons ghee
 about l/4 cup cold water

 l cup sugar
 l cup water
 l teaspoon rosewater
5-8 Strands of Saffron

To make the juice: mix together the sugar, saffron, water and rosewater.  Heat till the sugar is dissolved.  Set aside.
To make the batter: work the ghee into the powdered milk until thoroughly mixed.    Add the cold water a tablespoon at a time.  Add a tablespoon, then mix thoroghly.  Keep repeating this until a thick batter or dough is formed.  Knead until the dough is smooth.
Divide the dough into 7 parts.  Roll each part into a ball.  Put 2 or 3 cups ghee into a wok.  Heat on a low flame.  Put a drop of water in the ghee.  When the water starts to splatter, add the powdered milk balls.  Fry on a low
flame, turning over frequently, until the balls are golden brown. Put the balls
into the sugar water.  Soak for at least l0 minutes.



Refined flour 300 gms.
Green cardamom powder ½ tsp.
Curd (yogurt)  optional
Sugar 500 gms.
Color (optional) a few drops
Soda bi-carb 1 tsp.
Ghee for deep frying

Mix flour, cooking soda and Curd/Yogurt. Add some water and make a smooth batter.
Leave it overnight to ferment.

Mix it, add a little water if required and make it into a pouring consistency.

Prepare sugar syrup with equal quantity of sugar and water. Add green cardamom powder and cook it for 20-25 minutes.

Heat Ghee in a Wak. Pour batter into a jalebi cloth and then pour it into medium hot Ghee giving jalebi shapes.

Cook it from both sides. Remove and keep it in sugar syrup for at least 5 minutes before serving.

Tip: For jalebi cloth, take some stiff cloth and make a 3 mm hole in the center.



Freshly made paneer 100 gms.
Milk  2 tbsps.
Powered Sugar  4 tsps.
Rose or kewra essence Few drops
Silver foil or fruit pieces  Optional

Blend all the ingredients in a mixer until thick.
Spread on a serving plate and decorate with silver foil or fruits.
Cool then cut into pieces.

Coconut Burfi

250 gms. finely grated coconut
250 gms. sugar
150 ml. water
ghee for greasing plate

Prepare syrup with sugar and water to 2 1/2 thread consistency.
Use method as shown in introduction.
Warm coconut in heavy saucepan, pour in the syrup.
Stir well and cook till soft lump forms.
Spread in a greased plate. Cool.
Sprinkle cardamom powder (optional).
Cut into squares, store in airtight container.
Makes: 20-25 pieces

A thick sweet sauce made of yogurt.  It is usually served at the end of the meal.

4 cups yogurt
l/2 cup powdered sugar
few strands saffron

Hang the yogurt in a fine-mesh cloth into liquid stops dripping.  This could take a few hours.  Soak and grind the saffron.  Add the saffron and sugar to the thickened yogurt.  Mix thoroughly.


75g plain flour
25g ground rice
50g caster sugar
1 tsp ground or finely grated nutmeg
Pintch of bicarbonate of soda
Finely grated rind of 1 orange
25g each of raw cashews and wainuts, lightly crushed
125ml full cream milk
Ghee for deep frying
1 tsp butter
25g flaked almonds
300ml single cream
1 tbsp rose water

Put the flour, ground rice, sugar, nutmeg, soda bicarbonate, organe rind and the crushed nuts into bowl..
Add the milk and stir until a thick batter is formed.
Heat the oil over medium heat in a deep frying pan.
Put in 1 heaped teaspoon of the batter at a time until the whole pan is filled with a single layer.
When the malpuras (spoonfuls of batter) start floating to the surface, turn them over.
Fry gently until golden brown on both sides (about 5 minutes).  Drain on absorbent paper.
In the same ghee, fry the almonds until they are lightly browned.  Drain on absorbent paper.
Put the cream in a saucepan, large enough to hold all the malpuras and bring to a slow simmer.
Put in the malpuras and stir gently.
Turn the entire contents of the pan onto a serving dish and sprinkle the rosewater evenly on top. Garnish with the fried almonds.  Serve hot or cold.


Thick Sandesh- sweetened curd balls

4 cups milk
l lime
sugar(aboutl/4 cup)

Boil the milk stirring frequently.  With milk  at a low boil, add lime juice until the milk curdles.  Strain the curd.  Put the curd  in a cheesecloth.  Let the curd sit until the moisture evaporates(about l hour).  If  necessary, press the curd with paper towels to remove excess moisture.  Add sugar to the curd.  The amount of sugar added should be l/4 of the amount of curd.  Mix the sugar and curd thoroughly.  Heat on a low flame for 5 minutes, stirring frequently.
Let the curd cool.  Knead the curd with fingers and palms until smooth.  All lumps should be removed.  Roll into balls about the size of a walnut.

Sandesh can be formed into various shapes by pressing into molds.  Many flavorings can be added to vary the taste.  Some flavorings are: lime juice,
cardamon powder and saffron.  Sandesh go nicely with puris.


Burfi  (milk fudge)

4 cups milk
2 tablespoons ghee
l/4 cup sugar

Bring the milk to a boil, stirring frequently.  Continue to boil the milk.  If possible, stir constantly.  Add the sugar  and ghee after the milk has boiled.
Adjust the flame as necessary so that the milk doesn’t stick.  As the milk thickens it will be necessary to decrease the flame.  The milk will thicken into a pudding.  The pudding will thicken into a paste.  When the paste becomes a solid mass, reove from the flame.  Let cool.  Place in a pan which has been coated with ghee.  Press the fudge until it is about 3/4 inch in height.  Cut into pieces

Burfi is a popular milk sweet.  The more frequently it is stirred, the more likely it will be smooth.


Cashew burfi

l cup cashews(ground in a spice grinder)
l cup milk
l cup sugar
l tablespoon ghee

Mix the milk,ghee and sugar.  Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.  Add cashew powder.  Transfer to another pot.  Bring to a boil again, stirring constantly.  Cook down on a medium flame, stirring constantly.   As the mixture gets thick the flame should be lowered so that the bottom doesn’t
stick.  The mixture will thicken from a liquid to a pudding to a paste.  When the paste becomes a solid mass, remove from the flame.  Put into a pan coated with ghee.  Form the fudge so that it is smooth and has a height of about 3/4 inch.  Let cool.  Cut into l inch squares.

Other nuts such as pistachio can be substituted.  Constant stirring will help give the fudge a smooth consistency.