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Govardhana Town


This is generally the starting and ending point for the Giri Govardhan Parikrama. Manasa Ganga is a large lake in the center of Govardhan town, at the center of Govardhan Hill. By bathing in this Kund it is said that one will get love for Sri Krsna.

Mana means mind and Ganga means the Holy river Ganges. Once when Nanada and Yasoda, hearing the glories of the Ganga, developed a desire to bath in it. All the residents of Vrindavan did not want to leave the boundaries of Braj, and wishfully said, I wish Mother Ganges would come here". Hearing the desire of his devotees, Krsna went into meditation and from his mind Mother Ganaga appeared as this Kunda.


He would perform Govardhan Parikrama as a daily activity and offer unlimited dandavat pranams to govardhan and all the devotees.


Is located next to Sanatan goswami's Samadhi. This Siva Linga is one of five presiding Siva-lingas worshipped in Vrindavan. It protects this part of the holy Dham.


Was created by the Sudarsana Cakra. It is embedded in the northern bank of the Manasa Ganga.


Here one can see two Shila. One is marked with the outline of Sri Krishna's Crown, and the other is said to be the mouth of Govardhan.


Located near Manasa Ganga, this temple was established by Sri Krishna's
grandson about 4,800 years ago. Haridev is one of the four presiding deities of Sri Vrindavan Dham, so one should ask his blessings prior to worshipping by way of performing Parikrama.


This lake was created by the water collected after Lord Brahma bathed lord Krishna. Lord Brahma offered his prayers ( Brahma Samhita ) to Lord Krishna at this spot. Sri Caitanya and Nityananda both made it a point to visit this holy place.


Manasi devi is one of the fout main goddesses at Brajadham. The others are Vrnda devi in Kamyavana, Yogamaya in Vrindavan and Patalesvari in Mathura.


This temple is mentioned by the ALWARS, as one of the most important throughout all of India.


The complete parikrama is 14 miles long. The VARAHA PURAN says; " anyone who performs parikrama will never take birth in this world again".



Sri Krsna lived here,  from the age of 8-16. He then went to Mathura. Maharaj Nanda was a very wealthy Vaisya and possessed 900,000 cows. Nandagram is surrounded by green, pastures, lush groves bearing and abundance of fruits and fragrant flowers. His Palace was built by Viswakarma, architect of the demigods.
Viswarkarma built the palace of Nanda atop a large hill, as to see long distances,  in the event that Kamsa,  would dispatch demons to kill Krsna. The town surronding the hill is known as Nandagaon.


This lake at the bottom of the hill is where Mother Yasoda used to bathe Sri Krsna. The Bhajan Kutir of Srila Sanatan Goswami is located near the Kund's edge.There is a water well near the Kund. Srimati Radharani used to cook everyday for Krsna,  and would fetch water from the well for her cooking program.


Nandagram temple is atop the hill. Inside you will see black marble Deities of  Krsna and Balaram. They are both playing flutes and surrounded by Nanda and Yasoda and a deity of Srimati Radharani and two of Krsna's friend's, Sudama and  Madhumangal. On the ceilings are Sri Krsna's pastimes. On the side alter is a Siva-Linga installed by Sri Krsna's grandson Vajranabha. This Linga resides eternally at Nandagram performing worship to Lord Sri Krsna. This is one of five presiding Lingas in Braja.


At the bottom of Nandagram hill is a temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha dev and Varaha dev. Nanda Maharaja used to perform Puja to the deities seen here. Nanda's Lord Narayana deity is also present. 150 meters fro the Narasimha temple is Yasoda Kund. There is a yogurt pot used by mother Yasoda. It has sunk in the ground.


Vrnda Kund is where Vrnda devi meditates on how she will  make all the arrangements for Sri Radha and Krsna's daily Lilas. Next to Vrnda Kund is Gupta Kund, this is where Sri Radha and Sri Krsna would secretly meet.


Barsana Dham

This is where Srimati Radharani lived and had many pastimes with Sri Krsna.
The Parikram is 7 km around Barsana Dham.  Lord Brahma desired to perform some devtional service to the divine couple so he manifested himself as the four peaks seen there.


Here the original dieties of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna reside. They were installed by Vajranabha.


Srimati Radharani washed her hands in this water and it turned a golden color like her. Pila means yellow. To this day the water is golden - yellow.


The Divine Couple used to have dance contests here. Krsna had a contest with a peacock and Srimati Radharani was the judge.


This is the spot where Sri Krsna would steal the gopi's yogurt. He would also charge a tax for crossing this narrow area.


This place is located in between Nandagram and Barsana Dham.
This is where the nite-midnite pastimes take place. Radha and Krsna first met here. There is a temple of Yoga Maya located here. She arrange many things for their Lilas.


This is where Sri Krsna sent Uddhava to pacify the Gopis.

Radha Kund \ Syama Kund

This is a very peaceful and tranquil place and is the most holy place in all of India. There are two large bodies of water next to each other,  they Radha Kund and Syama kund.

After Sri Krsna killed the demon Aristasura, who appeared as a bull , the Gopis told him that by killing a bull he would have to purify himself by visiting every single holy place in the three worlds. Krsna said in reply: " why should I do that, I will bring them all here and bath in their water, he then struck his heal to the ground and all the waters of the holy places entered the Syama Kund. The young cowherd girls led by Radharani,  then dug another pond nearby with their bangles. Then all the representatives of all the holy rivers appeared,  and asked if they could enter her pond. With her permission they entered and felt very honored.

At the time of Ragunatha das Goswami the kunds were very small, 12 feet by 12 feet. He got a large donation from a rich man,  who in a dream was told to go see Ragunatha Das and donate some funds for the renovation of Radha Kund \ Syama Kunda around the year 1554.

In the center of Radha Kund is a small walled area,  called KANCANA-KUND.
This kund marks the original spot where the gopis dug.

Surronding Radha Kund in the eight directions are the Kundas of Sri Radha's 8 main gopi friends. They are the Kunjas of Lalita, Vishakha, Citra devi, Indulekha Sakhi, Campakalata, Ranga devi, Tungavidya and Sudevi. Sri Ananga Manjari kunja is in the center of Radha Kund.

Radha Kunda appeared at 12 midnite on Bahulastami, the eighth day of the waning moon in the month of Kartik.